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Ev. Edward Ackerman and his team of Lightlife Evangelistic Ministries held a crusade in the riverside town of Stanford in the Western Cape from 6-10 March. This community is in desperate need of the Gospel, being plagued by poverty, substance abuse and gangsterism. They also ministered in the schools and on the streets, in preparation for the main event.


The five-day crusade began on a high note. Attendees, both young and old, were eager and open to receive the Good News. Ev. Edward preached with simplicity and power, leading multitudes to boldly accept Jesus as their Lord and Saviour. From the very first service, remarkable testimonies of healing and deliverance were heard, including relief from back pain, leg pain and tuberculosis. A young lady experienced a double portion of the miraculous, being freed from severe back pain and also, accepting Jesus as her Saviour.


The second night of the crusade was marked by an atmosphere of attentiveness and spiritual receptivity. Ev. Edward delivered a compelling Gospel message, prompting a resounding response from the crowd. Many received deliverance and healing, with testimonies ranging from relief from severe headaches and crippling arthritis to the restoration of mobility in previously afflicted limbs.


As the crusade entered its third night, the atmosphere brimmed with joy and expectation. Ev. Edward shared his personal testimony, leading to tears of repentance and renewed commitment to Christ. Attendees experienced the touch of the Holy Spirit, with testimonies being given of liberation from ailments such as neck pain and persistent coughs. Families were reconciled, and individuals surrendered their lives to Jesus.


The fourth night bore witness to a powerful move of the Holy Spirit, as Ev. Edward preached on the redemptive power of the blood of Jesus. Attendees responded boldly, seeking freedom from sin, sickness and demonic oppression. Miracles abounded, with individuals having dramatic encounters with the Holy Spirit, even while still being seated, before coming forward for prayer.


The final night was described as being extraordinarily blessed. Ev. Edward preached on the baptism of the Holy Spirit, leading to believers being filled from on high with the power of the Most High! Testimonies poured forth, including the restoration of sight and deliverance from addiction. One young man came in a wheelchair and left on his own two feet, strength and mobility having flooded back into his legs. Hallelujah!


We thank the Lord for all He did in Stanford and we thank you for your unwavering support which made this crusade possible! The seven churches involved in this initiative are hard at work, following up every new convert. May they all become devoted disciples of Christ and mighty men and women of God!



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