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The fishing town of Hawston is located in the Western Province of South Africa. Some of the prevalent problems faced by its inhabitants are substance abuse, domestic violence and gang activity. Its community is divided into two sections, located on either side of a highway. Ev. Edward Ackerman and his Lightlife Evangelistic Ministries team held two days of events on the smaller side and then three days on the larger side. The schools were also ministered in and street campaigns conducted, the local churches committing to following up every new convert.

What wonders the Lord worked during this campaign! Mighty miracles of salvation, healing and deliverance manifested in every service. Drug addicts received Jesus as Saviour and testified to “flushing their drugs down the toilet” following their encounter with Him. Gang members surrendered all to God, renouncing crime-ridden lifestyles. Every altar call for salvation resulted in a terrific response, with many weeping as they repented and received the Lord. Demons manifested and were cast out. Mighty testimonies of healing were heard, with all manner of aches and pains leaving bodies and even a wheelchair being emptied. A father shared that his entire family accepted Jesus during the crusade.

Ev. Ackerman also taught on the baptism of the Holy Spirit and the fire fell from on High. Torrents of new tongues rose heavenward and believers were empowered for evangelistic efforts of their own. In short, the community of Hawston will never be the same! Heartfelt thanks for your support which made this soul-winning endeavour possible.



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