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Our ninth WOW ALEX crusade was excellently orchestrated by Evangelists Neo Makhubo and Deborah Mafujane. Such was held from 5-7 April at a venue positioned at the entrance of a large hostel for women and in amongst all the hustle and bustle of township nightlife. While the weather was cold and wet, the spiritual atmosphere was hot—hot with Holy Spirit firepower! A tent sheltered an eager crowd from the elements and an enthusiastic sound system blasted the Good News far and wide. Both evangelists, together with Ev. Samuel Murrombe, preached terrific Gospel sermons, diving into some of the most powerful stories in the Bible regarding repentance, such as the wayward son (whom we read about in Luke 15) and the sinful woman, whose tale is told in Luke 7. Many responded to the altar calls for salvation, giving their “Yes!” to Jesus.

Marvellous testimonies were heard, including those of Nkele and Bembo. Nkele is a 34-year-old beauty therapist and mother of three children. Her sister invited her to attend the crusade and she was greatly impacted by the salvation message, responding to the altar call on the first night and receiving Jesus as her Lord and Saviour. Having been diagnosed with womb cancer and plagued by perpetual, acute pains on account of the disease, she went forward for prayer for the sick as well. The next day, she came to testify that all symptoms of the cancer had vanished and her heart was filled with joy and hope. “I will go to church. Jesus is now my Lord!” she expressed. Hallelujah! Bembo is a 63-year-old grandfather. For the past four months, he had been tormented by nightmares of witchdoctors and demons. Since he started attending the crusade meetings, the horrible dreams had stopped and he has felt only peace. Bembo is ecstatic. “I thank Jesus for setting me free!” he voiced.

Evangelists Neo and Deborah also taught on the Holy Spirit baptism and hands were laid on those needing to be filled from on High, as well as those specifically called to the office of the evangelist. The prayer requests that were submitted during the crusade period were prayed over as well as the nation of South Africa.

We now move on to our tenth and penultimate WOW ALEX crusade which is being spearheaded by Ev. Stephanie Ngcobo. Such will be held from 12-14 April in the north-western sector of the township on an open piece of ground outside a local clinic. Thank you for your continued prayers and support. Alex is being saved!



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