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Alex is being infiltrated by the Gospel! Evangelists Lindiwe Dhlamini and Rochelle Hicks of Salvation for the Nations and Ready Harvest Ministries, laboured with their teams and local believers to impact the section of the township that was assigned to them. They worked tirelessly and diligently, ministering anywhere and everywhere, from schools and the neighbourhood police station to an initiation home—where a group of sangomas gave their lives to Jesus!

The crusade itself was spectacular. It was held on the grounds of a local establishment known as The Hub, a venue that is a hotspot for secular entertainment. From 15-17 March however, the goodness of God was proclaimed there, with magnificent results. The Gospel was preached and men and women, young and old surrendered all to Jesus. The sick were prayed for and mighty miracles manifested. The Holy Spirit baptism was taught on and believers were filled from on High, being empowered to be witnesses of His greatness and glory.

Margret is a 65-year-old grandmother. For the past three years, she had been experiencing terrible pains under her feet which made walking extremely difficult for her. The power of God flooded through her body and Margret felt her entire body shaking. Now, her feet are pain-free. Jubilant, Margret stomped about on stage, praising the Lord and showing off her newfound liberty. “I am so grateful for this service,” she shared. “God is the Saviour of my life!”

Owotuu is nine years old. Since the age of two, she has been unable to hear out of her one ear. Listening to the Gospel message, she responded to the altar call for salvation, asking Jesus to be her Lord and Saviour. Then, coming forward again for prayer for the sick, a miracle happened. That deaf ear popped open and Owotuu can hear out of it perfectly! Elated, she testified on stage, a family friend standing by her and confirming her story.

Wendy is a 39-year-old mother who suffered a stroke in 2017. Since then, she has been reliant on a crutch, her one leg having been rendered weak and unresponsive. She could no longer work and household chores posed a challenge. Already a Christian, a friend brought her by car to the crusade, Wendy being eager to hear the word of God and receive prayer. “I experienced the presence of God! All things are possible through Him!” she expressed, strength and mobility having flooded back into her leg. Overjoyed, Wendy praised the Lord.

Now, we move further west into Alex, our next crusade taking place from 22-24 March on the grounds of a popular sports centre, with Ev. Thurston Meyer and the team of 836 Kingdom Ministries.



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