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Our sixth crusade in Alex was held at the KwaBhekilanga Rugby Ground from 7-10 March. We are now pushing west, moving into the very heart of the township. Ev. Emmanuel Popela of Eagles on Fire Evangelistic Ministries is a crusade veteran, having fought the good fight of soul-winning for many years and held many crusades of his own. He spearheaded this crusade, together with his team.

Over four glorious services, heaven touched earth. Many pastors attended and assisted, with their congregation members. This is always a sign of a healthy crusade. Evangelists Popela and Murrombe preached the Gospel, declaring the saving power that Jesus freely shows towards all who call upon His matchless name! They proclaimed that when we give God our faith, He runs to our aid—free of charge. They pronounced that before we come to Jesus, we are in a prison of sin and only He can liberate us from this cruel bondage. They asserted that we are fearfully and wonderfully made and exceedingly valuable to our Creator, who longs for our relationship with Him to be restored. They decreed that Jesus gives eternal life to all who come to Him and once we are born again, we become powerful witnesses of His greatness and glory. Every altar call made resulted in many pouring forward to confess their belief in the Saviour of souls and these precious people are now being followed up by the local pastors.

The Holy Spirit baptism was also taught on and prayed for, as well as the sick. Testimonies were heard in abundance. Charmaine, 28 years old and unemployed, has been battling with severe headaches and suicidal thoughts for a long time. “I would hear voices telling me to kill myself,” she explained. During prayer, this dear young woman felt utterly overwhelmed by the love of God. The thoughts have stopped, the depression has lifted and the headaches have ceased. “I am thankful to God for His grace! I want my relationship with Him to get better and better,” she shared. Fikile is a 59-year-old father of three and grandfather of four. While he had received Jesus as his Saviour in the 1980s, he had been backslidden for many years. Six months ago, he started feeling terribly fatigued. “I could not do anything for myself,” he pronounced. “I visited the doctor but he could not help me.” Fikile recommitted his life to Jesus during the crusade and with his spiritual revival came a physical revival as well. “I feel happy and full of energy. I am going to give everything I have into serving God!” he voiced. Thabiso is 40 years old and the father of five children. He started having chest pains eight years ago and recently, as his stress levels increased, they began getting worse and worse. Since he attended the crusade meetings and received prayer, the pains have completely stopped. “I feel free, at peace and empowered. God is with me and I will live for Him. I am super blessed!” he shared. We thank the Lord.

During the last service, the nation of South Africa was prayed for and the prayer requests that had been submitted during the crusade period. We will now continuing moving west and a little south, our next crusade being headed up by Evangelists Lindi Dhlamini and Rochelle Hicks from 15-17 March in a location of Alex known as The Hub. All for His glory!



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