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River Park is a recent extension of Alex township, lying along its most south-eastern border. The location of this crusade was ideal, being right in amongst the residences. Night after night, hundreds came to hear the Good News that Jesus saves and the Lord did not disappoint! Ev. Samuel shared his testimony on the Friday night and on Saturday and Sunday evenings, Ev. Aryn de Fin preached on surrendering all to Jesus and the power that lies in His matchless blood to cleanse, heal and protect. Every altar call for salvation resulted in a terrific response. Precious people poured forward to call on the name of the Lord, some smelling strongly of alcohol—one even with a beer still in hand. This is the heartbeat of crusade, introducing those in need of rescue to a Saviour able beyond compare!


One of those who received Jesus as Saviour was 36-year-old Marobela, a cleaner by occupation. When she heard the singing, she came out of curiosity, due to her love of music. For the past several years, depression and suicidal thoughts had overwhelmed her. “Even today, while in the taxi on the way home from work, I was thinking about committing suicide,” she shared. Hearing that Jesus died for her, she responded to the salvation altar call and received Him as Saviour. “I feel so alive now! I am full of hope for the future!” she testified. In addition, Marobela had suffered from agonising pains in her womb. It felt like a razor was cutting her on the inside. Those too are no more. We thank the Lord! Prayer for the sick yielded many other powerful testimonies.


Abel is 32 years old. He had been addicted to drugs for many years but after receiving the Lord as Saviour some time ago, he had been delivered from the addiction. His body however still bore the effects of the drug use and for the past year, he had needed to use a catheter to urinate. He had heard about the crusade from his pastor and attended to worship the Lord and receive prayer for healing. Now, all pain is gone, his body is functionally normally and the catheter has been rendered unnecessary. Abel is understandably thrilled. We thank the Lord for this mighty miracle of restoration!


Khanyo is a 40-year-old chef. Already a believer, she had been struggling with numerous health issues for the past ten years. Her shoulders were in constant pain. “It felt like a weight was pressing down on them,” she expressed. “They always felt hot and heavy.” Now, Khanyo is pain-free. “The discomfort is gone. I have such peace. I am thankful to God for what He has done for me!” she articulated.


Ethel is a 67-year-old pensioner. Three years ago, she had been diagnosed with cervical cancer and was in constant pain. “I felt the pain in my body move during prayer,” she shared. “Then, it vanished! Since I have been attending this crusade, the Lord has blessed me. My children even gave me two pairs of new shoes.” Ethel showed off one of the pairs, which she was wearing, a lovely pair of leather veldskoene. “I am so grateful for this crusade. I feel revived.”


On Sunday evening, following the Gospel message, Ev. Tamryn Klintworth preached on the Holy Spirit baptism and how God wants to use every one of His children as witnesses, with signs and wonders following. A wonderful time was spent in His presence, with believers being filled from on High, the prayer requests that had been submitted during the crusade being prayed for as well as the nation of South Africa and our upcoming elections.


A special thank you to Acts Church who assisted with the funding and planning of this crusade—as well as unleashing an army of volunteers—under the able leadership of Ev. Aryn de Fin. We thank the Lord for churches that have a heart for soul-winning!



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