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Holy havoc ruled and reigned from beginning to end during our third crusade in the township of Alexandra. The venue chosen for this crusade was very strategic, located in amongst all the dwellings and general buzz of Tsutsumani. Finding open spaces in townships can be a challenge and this crusade was a definite squeeze—but a glorious one!

The Gospel was preached boldly by the two evangelists responsible for this crusade: Bongani Mike Mhlongo and Jordan Dlodlo. They taught on the love of God, the prodigal son featured in Luke 15 and the liberation experienced by the demon-possessed man in Mark 5. The response was heartfelt and terrific. Precious people responded to the altar calls with repentance and weeping, the Lord breaking chains of oppression and liberating them from years of bondage. Sipho was one such person. A 45-year-old husband and father who had been unemployed for many years, he had become heavily reliant on alcohol to quench his sorrows. He attended the crusade on the Friday evening utterly inebriated—and encountered Jesus! He received Him as Saviour and our team also prayed for Sipho to get a job. “I could not take care of my family,” he had shared. The very next day, he returned to testify. The Lord had not only redeemed his soul and broken the hold of alcohol off him but, he has been offered a well-paying job—with a company vehicle! “I cannot contain my happiness,” he voiced. “I am so excited to start my new job and begin going to church. My life has completely changed and I can now provide for my wife and children.” Hallelujah!

The sick were prayed for daily and many marvellous miracles manifested. Ellen, an 83-year-old grandmother, attended the Saturday night service using the walker that she had relied upon since 2021. A friend had attended the Friday service and been healed, telling Ellen about it. Doctors had told Ellen that a disc had shifted in her spine. She was in constant pain and unable to walk unaided. During prayer, she felt the power of God! Her whole body was trembling and she was overwhelmed with joy. The Lord was at work in her body throughout that night. “I could neither sleep nor eat,” she shared. “I felt full. All I could sense was Jesus!” When the morning came, she realised that every bit of pain had left and mobility had returned. She went to church on Sunday morning without her walker—to the surprise and delight of her fellow believers—and then returned to the crusade on Sunday evening to testify. “I could get into and out of the bath by myself today for the first time in years!” she expressed. “I no longer need my walker. I am healed! Thank you, Jesus!”

Boni is a 62-year-old pensioner. She had fallen badly some time ago and been reliant on pain killers ever since. “I could not do my household chores,” she shared. “My body was too sore, even with the medication.” Having given her life to Jesus as a young girl, she attended the crusade specially to receive prayer for healing. The Lord did not disappoint her. “I came believing that I would be healed and experienced Heaven on earth!” Boni declared. Her body is now pain-free and this precious lady is rejoicing.

Busisiwe is a 16-year-old young lady, who had been plagued with excruciating pain in her stomach. “Every day, it affected me,” she disclosed. “I could not pay attention at school. I could not do what I wanted to do.” During prayer, she felt the power of God moving through her body. “My whole being vibrated,” she testified, absolutely elated. “Then, the pain left! I feel strong and healthy!”

Ev. Samuel Murrombe preached on the Holy Spirit during the final service and many believers were filled from on High, empowered for great and mighty works. All the prayer requests that had been handed in during the crusade period were prayed over as well as the nation of South Africa. Our next crusade will take place in the southernmost point of Alex but still north of River Park, a recent extension, which will be targeted the weekend thereafter. Ev. Elias Mphasha and his team will lead the charge. Alex is being shaken by the Gospel and this township belongs to Jesus!



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