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The final crusade of our WOW ALEX campaign was an absolute triumph! It was held in a large, well-known hall—known as Sankapono—which forms part of a stadium compound and is situated in the centre of the township. Evangelists Phil and Dinah Madua were responsible for this event, held from 19-21 April. They are a dynamic, husband and wife team, who are not only proclaimers of the Good News but are also celebrated Gospel artists.


Over the three days, Evangelists Phil Madua and Samuel Murrombe preached the Gospel while Ev. Tamryn Klintworth taught on the Holy Spirit. Precious people responded eagerly to every altar call for salvation. Believers were equipped to share Jesus with signs and wonders following and zealously accepted the charge to continue winning Alex for Jesus. In every service, hands were laid on the sick and those in need of deliverance. We heard terrific testimonies, including these that follow.


Khuthala is a 50-year-old cleaner. Since 2019, she has been coughing incessantly and battling to breathe. Medication did not help and the doctors could not pinpoint the cause. During prayer, she was overcome by the power of God. “I felt dizzy, like I could no longer stand,” she expressed. Since her encounter with the Lord, all coughing has ceased and she can breathe easily. We thank the Lord!


Masiego is 36 years old. She has been attending the crusades since the eighth one, which was held mid-March. There, she received the Lord as Saviour and He began a mighty work in her. For the past five years, Masiego has been an alcoholic. “I would get up at 5am and start drinking immediately,” she shared. “All the shabeen owners knew me.” When her nephew died, it made matters worse and Masiego sank into a deep depression. “I could not sleep at night. I was tormented by my thoughts,” she voiced. Now, this dear woman is free! She has not touched alcohol for weeks. Her heart is filled with joy and her mind with peace. “My life has changed. I feel so great and blessed. God is alive and I thank Him for what He has done for me!”


Benny is 43 years old. He has been addicted to drugs and drink for the past twenty years. He asked Jesus to be his Saviour at this crusade. “I feel the presence of God!” he exclaimed. “God touched me and now I have peace within me. God loves me. I am going to leave my past behind and not spend any more money on drugs and alcohol.” Thank you, Jesus!


Winny is a 52-year-old office worker and mother of four. Since January, her hands have been extremely painful. She could not write or fulfill tasks at work. She came to the crusade specifically for prayer. Hearing the Gospel, she responded to the invitation for salvation and received Jesus as her Lord. Then, she came forward again for prayer for healing. Now, her hands are pain-free! “I want to thank Jesus for healing me!” she said. “My hands are working now. I am happy and excited!”


Ntswake is a young woman who had recently been initiated as a sangoma. She attended the crusade and surrendered her all to Jesus. She brought her witchcraft paraphernalia to be burned. “God is great!” she pronounced. “I give my life to Him!”


In the final meeting, the prayer requests that had been submitted during the crusade period were prayed over as well as the township as a whole and the nation of South Africa. We laid hands on all the evangelists who had been part of the WOW ALEX initiative and also, the pastors of Alexandra. Now, with the last of eleven crusades in Alex having been held, we can rejoice over all that the Lord has done. Thousands have been saved and believers ignited for evangelism. Wave on wave of redemption and liberation have swept across Alex, from edge to edge and corner to corner. A crusade has been held in every section and each street has heard the Good News that Jesus Christ is Lord.


A big thank to everyone who has interceded for and given towards WOW ALEX, as well as all the evangelists who have laboured with us: Jabulani Ndaba, Makwale Mangena, Khomotso Kgatla, Bongani Mike Mhlongo, Jordan Dlodlo, Elias Mphasha, Aryn De Fin, Emmanuel Popela, Rochelle Hicks, Lindi Dhlamini, Thurston Meyer, Neo Makhubo, Deborah Mafujane, Stephanie Ngcobo, Phil Madua and Dinah Madua. We can say with all certainty: Alex will never be the same again!




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