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SHONE ETHIOPIA // 6 – 9 FEB 2020

Shone Gospel Crusade, Ethiopia DAY 1:

We are on the go here in Shone! Yesterday, we were welcomed with great rejoicing. Believers crammed onto motorbikes and escorted us into the town, waving bunches of flowers and singing. Others packed vehicles and trucks, chanting choruses of jubilant praise. The local pastors and government authorities could not have greeted us more warmly or eagerly. This evening, our crusade meetings got going with great, heaven-touching-earth gusto. Thousands gathered and the response to the Gospel message was glorious. Hearts were transformed into dwelling places for the Almighty, men and women becoming children of God. Ushers collected the details of the new converts and distributed follow-up material. Prayer for the sick yielded fantastic testimonies. Birtukan (14 years old) had been suffering from hemorrhoids since she can remember. The agony and discomfort were unrelenting. Weeping with joy, she testified that the hemorrhoids are now no more, the Lord having worked a mighty miracle in her little body. The crowd rejoiced with her. Temesgen is a young man who had been tormented by unremitting stomach pain for months. Tonight, Jesus set him free. He leaped up and down on stage, grinning with contagious delight. Heartfelt thanks for your prayers for this crusade, dear friend. The name of our Jesus is being lifted high and precious Ethiopians are encountering Him. Hallelujah!

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Shone Gospel Crusade, Ethiopia, DAY 2:

Things are heating up here, dear friend. Waves of salvation and liberation are rolling into Shone. Word is spreading of what the Lord is doing and thousands are flocking to our crusade field. I preached tonight on Jesus bearing the judgment of God in our stead. If we believe that He did this for us, we pass from judgment into life. It was a serious message that resulted in a multitude of voices calling on the Almighty, confessing their belief in the Son of God. Hallelujah! I shared a short message on the Holy Spirit thereafter, establishing a foundation on which we will build over the next services, praying for the Holy Spirit baptism on Sunday evening. Prayer for the sick was followed by many fantastic testimonies. Braala is 70 years old. Most importantly, he received the Lord as Saviour at our crusade. Then, Jesus healed him as well! His eyes and throat had plagued him constantly, burning like fire. The doctors he visited could not give him a solution. “What the doctors say is impossible, that thing is possible for Jesus,” he professed. The crowd exploded in agreement. Abeba is a young woman who had not been able to walk or sit without pain for the past three years. She became a child of God this evening and her Father in heaven delivered her from that awful bondage. She ran, bent and stretched with glee, showing off her pain-free state. Tetara is a 41-year-old gentleman who had suffered from four years of intense abdominal pain. He also struggled to urinate. Jesus touched his body last night and since the service, all ailments have vanished. How fantastic! We also started praying over the prayer requests submitted by the crusade attendees and our partners around the world. Tomorrow, we continue. Shone for Jesus!

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Shone Gospel Crusade, Ethiopia, DAY 3:

There is great joy in Shone! Tonight, the thousands that gathered danced and sang with terrific enthusiasm, declaring the goodness of God. I preached on John 3 and the necessity of being born again. Hands were raised with fervour to heaven, calling on the name of Jesus and asking Him to birth their spirits anew. It was fantastic. After the details of the new converts had been collected and follow-up material distributed, I taught further on the Holy Spirit and how to be used by Him to win the lost and set the captives free. There is great expectation for tomorrow evening when we will pray for the Holy Spirit baptism. Prayer for the sick yielded a long line of testimonies, all manner of ailments having disappeared beneath a wave of Gospel power. One elderly gentleman had suffered from a large tumour in his stomach for several years. He could feel it due to its immense size. During prayer, he heard a voice in his ear telling him he was healed. Feeling for the tumour, he discovered with delight that it was gone. From stage, he proclaimed praises to His Jesus with tremendous conviction, bubbling over with gratitude. The crowd celebrated with him. A young lady named Lemlem had been plagued by an ulcer for four years. The pain was constant and unrelenting. She attended our first service on Thursday evening and the soreness disappeared. Today, it is still no more. Certain now of her healing, she eagerly shared her story. Hallelujah! Tomorrow morning, we will gather for a mass church service with all involved congregations and come evening, we will conclude with our final meeting. Your continued prayers are so appreciated. Together with you, Shone is being saved!

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Shone Gospel Crusade, Ethiopia, FINAL DAY:

What a spectacular conclusion we have had to this Gospel Crusade! I must sing the praises of our marvellous staff. We had two and a half weeks to plan these meetings. After the town in which we were meant to crusade exploded in violence, we shifted location. It took much hard work to complete all preparations within such a short period but the Lord was with us and we were committed to making our time in Shone a mighty success. And, a mighty success it was! Service after service, our Jesus poured Himself out upon those gathered. This morning, Ev. Samuel Murrombe ministered powerfully in the mass church service. This evening, I preached on the lost sheep in Luke 15 and tens of thousands called on the name of Lord and asked Him to become the Shepherd of their souls. Thereafter, I gave a final teaching on the Holy Spirit baptism and we prayed for the infilling. An army of power-packed soul-winners has been born! With the outpouring came floods of healing and deliverance. Keborom is 32 years old. He had suffered from a tremendous, debilitating pain in his ribs for the past year. He underwent various treatments prescribed by doctors but with no improvement. During our crusade, he both received Jesus as Saviour and his complete healing. Asnakech has been ill for fourteen years. She could neither eat nor sleep and was plagued by a constant headache. Her form was slight and frail. Jesus worked a mighty miracle in her body. Now, all pains have vanished and she is energetic and rejoicing. Hallelujah! Testimony followed testimony. The crowd sang and danced with superb vigour, praising our Saviour King. Yes indeed, Shone has been powerfully impacted. Heartfelt thanks for your prayers and unwavering support. Ethiopia for Jesus!

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