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Mninginisi Gospel Crusade, DAY 1:

There has been much unrest in this nation over the past days. And yet, here in Mninginisi, joy prevails. Tonight, thousands gathered on our dusty crusade field and avalanches of salvation and healing quickly ensued. I say avalanches, as such aptly describes what we witnessed. Multitudes poured forward to embrace Christ as Saviour, calling upon His name with eager abandon. Prayer for the sick resulted in the most spectacular, life-changing miracles. The Spirit saturated the crowd with Himself, men and women receiving their healing right where they stood, His presence intense and heavy. So many testimonies were heard tonight that my mind cannot recall them all. Deafness vanished in an instant. A broken thumb moved back into position. An arm that could not be lifted for the past decade is now functioning perfectly. A knee that could not bend nor flex is both bending and flexing. Judus (43) received the Lord as Saviour this evening. He works as a mechanic and in January of this year, an exploding car battery resulted in his eyes being badly injured. The pain was so severe that he was no longer able to work, a serious consequence for this family breadwinner. Regular treatments at a hospital 130km away left him no better. Tonight, all this changed. The pain is gone, his sight is crystal clear. “I thank God,” he exclaimed, “I thank God!” Mircal (63) had been tormented since 2010 by a leg that was in such constant agony, it rendered her bedridden. The pain was paralysing, she explained. Her son cooked, cleaned and farmed for her. She was incapacitated. This evening, our Jesus worked a wonder. Mircal demonstrated on stage her newfound mobility. No pain. Full movement. “Everyone must come and see what Jesus has done for me,” she declared. “They must come and see!” Tomorrow, we continue.

Mninginisi Gospel Crusade, DAY 2:

The Lord is at work here in this rural village community. He is pouring Himself out upon its inhabitants with splendid abandon. What salvations, what healings, what deliverances! Heaven is touching earth. I preached on Isaiah 61 this evening and the response thereto was fantastic. Precious people streamed forward to say “Yes!” to Him. Our altar workers were bustling to collect personal details and hand out follow-up material. Prayer for the sick yielded tremendous results. Sophy (70 years old) had walked stooped over since 1978. She relied on a set of crutches to lift herself up. Tonight, this dear old lady bounced about on stage, her back perfectly straight. “I am healed, I am healed!” she declared. “I will burn my crutches, I shall never use them again!” The crowd exploded with celebration. Rose (75 years old) had suffered from sores in her mouth for almost four decades. “I would always spit out blood,” she explained. Jubilant, these sores are no more. One dear woman could not hear for longer than she can remember. Now, she hears perfectly. Testimony followed testimony. Painful feet? Healed. Swollen legs? Healed. The Spirit of the Lord is on the move and we are running to keep up! Rain threatened all evening, lightning flashing across the sky, but the storm held back until the final testimony was taken. Thank you for your prayers in this regard, the Lord is so faithful.

Mninginisi Gospel Crusade, DAY 3:

Our hearts are overwhelmed with joy! We are hearing stories of young people leaving the local drinking spots to come and listen to “the white lady whose preaching touches their hearts.” This thrills us. We preach the ABCs of the Gospel and the Spirit rides on those words, convicting and transforming. Tonight once again, a floodtide of precious souls rolled into the Kingdom. Following the Gospel message, I preached on the Holy Spirit. I will do this again both during our Saturday and Sunday services, praying for the baptism of the Holy Spirit after the final teaching. Prayer for the sick was followed again by a stream of testimonies. Nice (20 years old) had broken her collarbone in 2012. The bone had never healed properly and caused her both pain and limited movement. Tonight, she not only accepted Jesus as her Lord but that shoulder is now perfectly healed. How marvellous! Maria had both struggled with bad asthma and severe pains in her feet and knees since 2001. “Before tonight, I would not have been able to climb the steps onto this stage,” she shared, jiving for joy. “Also, my chest no longer feels tight. I can breathe easily.” Noriah (53) had broken her left arm some years back. She showed us the scar on her elbow as proof of the resultant operation. That arm had never been the same. It was weak and often trembled. Physical work, even lifting the arm for longer than a moment, posed a problem. Tonight, all that changed. Noriah is healed, perfectly healed! Ecstatic, she danced for joy (see pic). Thank you for your prayers, dearest friends and partners. We have two more nights to go.

Mninginisi Gospel Crusade, DAY 4:

There is great rejoicing in Mninginisi. In true African style, praising the Lord cannot exist without dancing. Feet stomp, hips jive, the dust rises and His name is glorified. The angels struggle to keep up, I am sure. There is so much enthusiasm here for our Jesus! “There has never been a crusade like this in our village,” one pastor shared with me. “We are so blessed, so very blessed!” Tomorrow morning, new converts will flood the local churches, hungry to learn more about their Saviour. One such new convert approached me this evening, just having given his life to the Lord. “I thought I could never be good,” he expressed. “Now, I am good because of Jesus.” Amen and amen, we all need to be washed clean by the blood of the Lamb! I ministered again on the Holy Spirit after the Gospel message, building layer upon layer until the baptism is prayed for during our final service tomorrow. Miracles continue popping up like popcorn, people testifying of receiving their healing even during the preaching, before the sick are prayed for. Anna (65 years old) had broken her ankle in 2011. The bones had not healed properly and the ankle caused her constant pain. Tonight, she is free! Hellen (75 years old) was overwhelmed with joy. She had suffered from severe depression, that cloud lifting off her this very night. The elbow and knee pains that had plagued her were likewise gone, those joints free and flexible. She crumpled on stage, weeping. Samuel (60 years old) had been thrown from a train in 1993. He could not lift his left arm as a result nor bend his back without serious difficulty. He demonstrated his newfound liberty, the crowd rejoicing with him. Tomorrow we conclude. Do keep us in your prayers!

Mninginisi Gospel Crusade, FINAL DAY:

Ev. Samuel Murrombe did a fantastic job preaching the Gospel tonight and I followed such up with a final message on the Holy Spirit before we prayed for the fire to fall. What a floodtide of His glory ensued! Precious believers were filled from on High and healing flowed in the wake thereof. Testimonies were heard in abundance. All manner of physical dilemmas were extinguished, from poor hearing and the aftereffects of a stroke to leg, stomach, throat and shoulder ailments. One precious lady even exclaimed: “Now my bad leg works better than my good leg!” Yet, the stories that thrilled us the most were told by those who had been filled with the Spirit. After all, this was the focus of tonight, after the salvation of souls. One elderly woman was brutally honest. “Whenever I heard people praying in tongues,” she said, “I would always think they were hypocrites. But tonight, I spoke in tongues myself! In fact, the Holy Spirit touched me so powerfully, I even lost my shoe.” She chuckled with glee and held up her one shoeless foot for the crowd to see. A young man shared, “I always wanted to pray for the sick but I was afraid. Tonight, I have been baptised with the Spirit and spoke in tongues for the first time. I am no longer afraid. I feel filled with His power. I will go out and let God use me mightily.” How marvellous! We are sad to leave Mninginisi but rejoice at what we witnessed here. Thousands have been saved. Miracles manifested mightily. Believers were empowered for His service. We love you Mninginisi. You are in our hearts and in our prayers.

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