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METU Gospel Crusade, Ethiopia, DAY 1:

Our final crusade for 2023 has kicked off in a glorious fashion. Shortly after the pandemic abated, our Crusade Director, Ev. Samuel Murrombe had a vivid dream in which pastors from Metu asked that In His Name would come hold a crusade in their town. Upon waking, he contacted our Ethiopian Director, Ps Elias Shumeta and asked him if there was a place in Ethiopia called Metu. Since then, we have been trying to place this town on our crusade calendar—the pastors being as eager in reality as in the dream—but conflict in the greater area made it impossible. Now, the skirmishes have abated enough for us to arrange a mass event and the local pastors were zealous to labour with us to bring it to pass.

The unity among the pastors of Metu is wonderful. Already, they are announcing that all churches will close their doors on Sunday morning and everyone will gather together for a combined service. It is such a joy and privilege to work with men and women of God who are so kingdom-minded.

Despite the unity among believers, the planning of this crusade has not been without its challenges. Our team faced great hostility from those of other faiths, even being violently attacked on the streets and some spending a night in jail, on account of pushback from opposing religious groups. Less than 30% of the inhabitants of Metu are born again. Yet, our team persevered—undergirded by your prayers—and tonight, our crusade began.

Already, thousands attended, some standing on the dusty field and others seated on the grassy banks. Eagerly, they heard the Gospel. I preached from John 5 and explained how the sickness of sin infects our spirits. Only Dr Jesus can cure this horrid disease, using the medicine that is His blood. What a terrific response! We called on the Doctor of doctors and He worked the miracles of miracles: the healing of the human spirit. Thereafter, we prayed for the sick and the very same Dr Jesus got to work on broken bodies. It was glorious! We will hear testimonies tomorrow and I look forward to sharing them with you. Metu belongs to the Lord!

METU Gospel Crusade, Ethiopia, DAY 2:

We are in the far west of Ethiopia, a mountainous area that is lush and hot. Metu sits at an altitude of over 1600m in the Illubabor Zone of the Oromia Region. The weather for this crusade has been perfect—neither hot nor wet nor windy—and is not forecast to change. With the memories still fresh in our minds of our struggles with the rain during our last crusade—in Bonosha, Ethiopia—just over one month ago, we are very grateful to have such pleasant conditions in which to preach the Gospel.

The Gospel is going forth indeed with passion and power. Our crowd is growing as word is spreading and those in attendance are listening to the preaching of the Good News with terrific attentiveness. I ministered today from Luke 15 and shared the stories of the lost sheep, coin and son. I focused on the pivotal point that Jesus is the God-appointed Shepherd of the sheep and our Rescuer from the devil. Thousands called on His name and asked Him to become their Shepherd. It was marvelous! Our ushers worked to ensure that everyone had follow-up material and had completed a prayer card. Thereafter, I began teaching on the Holy Spirit, sharing my first message in a series of three sermons, all of which build towards the prayer for the Holy Spirit baptism which will take place during our last service on Sunday.

We heard some stunning testimonies from those who had been healed, either last night or tonight. Tena is a 34-year-old father of one. About a year ago, two tumours began growing on his waist, one on either side. They grew quickly and had become so large that he could no longer bend. Anxious and despairing, Tena came to the crusade desperate for a miracle and the Lord did not disappoint. During prayer, this gentleman was mightily touched by the power of God and when he checked his waist, both tumours had totally disappeared. Hallelujah! Testifying on stage, Tena bounced around with explosive joy—even doing pushups and handstands—as he showed off his ability to move freely.

Aberash is a 65-year-old mother and grandmother. She had been diagnosed with cancer of the uterus and was consumed with pain and constant bleeding. Now, the pain has vanished and the bleeding stopped. “I am very happy,” she voiced. “I am completely healed! I thank my God!”

Lalistu is a 32-year-old midwife. For the past two years, she has been plagued by a general, overwhelming weakness. She could no longer work and had become depressed and despondent. Now, the weakness has disintegrated in a wave of Holy Spirit power. She feels strong, healthy and filled with unspeakable joy. “Jesus has changed my life,” she expressed. “He is my only Lord!”

Tomorrow, we will hold both morning and afternoon meetings. Thank you for your continued prayers. Metu is being hugely impacted by our Saviour King!

METU Gospel Crusade, Ethiopia, DAY 3:

Today was jam-packed with preaching and prayer! This morning, Ev. Samuel Murrombe ministered from Isaiah 55, giving an invitation to come to the living waters and drink freely of the gift of everlasting life. This afternoon, I preached from John 3 and what it means to be born again. I also continued teaching on the Holy Spirit, following my Gospel message, explaining what it means to be baptised with the Spirit and reading from Acts 1 and 2. In both morning and afternoon services, the lost were saved in great numbers and prayer for the sick yielded magnificent miracles. Wonderful testimonies were heard, including these that follow.

Fayise wept on stage, overcome by emotion. For the past decade, this 21-year-old young lady had been like the woman in Scripture with the issue of blood. Her family had taken her from doctor to doctor and no cure had been found. The condition had stolen her childhood, controlled her life and rendered her fatigued and generally unwell. It has placed great stress on her parents and robbed her of any hope of marriage and starting a family of her own. Now, the flow has stopped! “I have no words,” she shared. “My life has completely changed. I thank my God!”

Ambisa is an 80-year-old grandfather. Seven years ago, he lost both his eyesight and his hearing. He used to be a farmer but could no longer be useful to any great degree, being so extremely limited after the loss of both senses. His family told him about the upcoming crusade meetings and already a child of God, he came specifically to trust the Lord for his healing. Jesus did not disappoint. “I can now see! I can now hear!” he voiced, unreservedly overjoyed. “I am happy and free!”

Degele is a 28-year-old day labourer and father of three children. Two years ago, his kidneys began hurting constantly. The pain became so intense that he could not stand for long periods of time. He struggled to work, his job requiring great physical exertion and he worried about providing for his family. During prayer, the power of God flooded his body and as the power went in, the pain came out! Bouncing about on stage, Degele could not contain his excitement as he glorified God. Amen and amen!

Tomorrow morning, all evangelical churches in Metu will close their doors and we shall gather together for a mass service. This is always a highlight of the crusade week. Then, come afternoon, we will conduct our final meeting. Heartfelt thanks for your continued prayers. They are spurring us on. All for His glory!

METU Gospel Crusade, Ethiopia, FINAL DAY:

Today was filled with the glory and greatness of our God! This morning, we had a mass service with all evangelical church congregations. Come afternoon, we concluded our crusade with one last, red-hot service. In both meetings, the lost were saved and captives set free. We also prayed for the baptism of the Holy Spirit and believers were filled from on High with His power and presence, following one final message on how to partner with the Spirit of God. These believers will continue to preach the Gospel in Metu with signs and wonders following. We gifted the pastors and volunteers with certificates and copies of the Amharic version of my book on evangelism, “Spirit of Fire”. We prayed for the prayer requests that had been submitted during the crusade period as well as the nation of Ethiopia and the Oromia Region. We also heard more testimonies from those who have been liberated from various afflictions. Enjoy these that follow.

Tamiru is a 55-year-old farmer and father of four children. Two years ago, he began having serious problems with his legs. The doctors said that there were issues with his nerves. He lost strength and mobility and could not walk without using a cane. He was also in constant pain. Tonight, the Lord worked a miracle. All pain has vanished and stability has returned. Tamiru can now walk without his cane and soon, his legs will recover their full strength. Hallelujah!

Axantu is a 27-year-old mother of two children. Five years ago, tumours started developing in both her breasts. They were painful and were growing increasingly larger. On Friday night, Axantu attended our crusade and received prayer for healing. When she got home and checked herself, she was overjoyed to find that the tumours had disappeared! She returned today to testify. “I thank God, I am completely healed and free!” Axantu voiced.

Fedila is 25 years old. She received the Lord as her Saviour during our crusade and with her salvation, came her healing. Like the woman with the issue of blood in Scripture, she had been tormented by this same ailment for many long years (nine in total). Since she received the Lord, the flow of blood has stopped. Her eyes filled with tears on stage as she shared her story. Our Jesus is so wonderful!

Efanesh is a 45-year-old farmer and mother of five children. A tumour had developed in her uterus and had grown so large that she could feel it protruding. “I have been from doctor to doctor. I have spent all my money. Tomorrow, I was going to go for an operation,” she explained. However, it seems that Dr Jesus has performed his own procedure! Since prayer, she can no longer feel that tumour and all other symptoms of her ailment have vanished. “I have received happiness and health at this crusade!” she expressed, beaming with joy.

Adisu is a 36-year-old clothes merchant. His left side had become increasingly problematic. He could not lift his arm. The pain was excruciating. He was even struggling to breath. It felt like his lung was being constricted. He had visited several local clinics but nobody could help him. He was going to travel to Jimma—a larger, nearby town—to seek help there. Today, the Lord touched his body and released him from his affliction. Adisu lifted his arm on stage without any hindrance and praised the Lord. “The pain is gone! The pressure is gone! I can breathe freely again!” he exclaimed. Amen and amen!

Sincerest thanks for helping us win Metu for Jesus. This town has been terrifically impacted and your prayers and support have made this crusade possible. Let us now pray for all the new converts and the pastors who will be following them up. May each fledgling believer become an oak of righteousness in the courts of our God!



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