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MAPUTO Gospel Crusade, DAY 1 & 2:

Maputo is hungry for Jesus! The King of kings has been moving amongst a swelling crowd, saving, healing and setting free. This is but the start – yet we are already rejoicing! At age 46, Maria struggled to move without pain. Her body was so stiff and sore that she needed to sit throughout the crusade service rather than stand. Her life was difficult, she did not feel like a normal person, she explained. During prayer for the sick, this precious woman had an encounter with Jesus, right there on her chair. Now perfectly healed, she shared her story on stage. Hallelujah! Piedede (35) was delivered from terrible discomfort in her eyes. “It felt like there were stones in them,” she voiced. “God is in this place,” she exclaimed. “I am free, completely free!” Be blessed by the pics below.

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MAPUTO Gospel Crusade, DAY 3:

Today was a glorious day – with a few challenges thrown in! Our generator broke early this afternoon, the head of our technical team at the moment still back in South Africa, sourcing the necessary part. Thankfully, a local church stepped in, allowing us the use of their equipment. Consequently, the crusade did not skip much of a beat. Hallelujah! Thank you for your prayers. I preached on the sickness of sin this evening, a floodtide of salvation being quickly followed by an overflow of the miraculous. A mother, Judith (26) with six-month-old baby, rejoiced over both her healing and that of her child. Her arm she can now raise without any tenderness, her child can now breathe without any difficultly. Echezona (25) has had a sharp pain in his back for two years. After prayer for the sick, he twisted his body and was surprised at the sudden disappearance of all discomfort. "I first thought it was a joke," he exclaimed, "then I discovered my healing was real. I praise the name of the Lord!”

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MAPUTO Gospel Crusade, DAY 4:

Our Jesus is hard at work in Maputo – and us together with Him! I not only preached the Gospel tonight but started sharing on the Holy Spirit, laying a foundation that will be built on tomorrow and then followed by prayer for the baptism on Saturday. Wonderfully, when we prayed for the sick, the Spirit already started filling believers with Himself. How marvellous! Janele (21) sobbed on stage, overwhelmed by the presence of God. “I started speaking in tongues for the first time,” she shared. “Tonight, my new story starts. May God use my life for His glory!” Argentina (47) was known in the community as being sickly. A constant, terrible pain in her side had plagued her since 2010 making her life quite unmanageable. Tonight, all that changed. “I am feeling so good, the pain is gone! I am healed, my life has changed.” Testimony followed testimony. What a night it was.

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MAPUTO Gospel Crusade, DAY 5:

We have enjoyed yet another wondrous evening of souls saved, bodies healed and demons displaced. The precious people of Hulene township are encountering Jesus in their thousands! I preached on the Samaritan woman, following such up with another message on the Holy Spirit. All are excited for tomorrow night when we will pray for the fire to fall. Alberto (76) was among the many who testified. Since last year, he has been unable to see out of one eye. Tonight, all that changed. Thrilled, he shared news of his deliverance, bubbling with joy. Cedile has suffered from intense and constant bladder pains since the birth of her son two years ago. Such were debilitating. During prayer, the torment utterly ceased. Glory be to our God! She also accepted Jesus, a greater miracle still.

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MAPUTO Gospel Crusade, DAY 6:

Saturday nights at our crusades are fire nights and tonight was no different. How marvellously the Spirit fell, how thoroughly He saturated His people! Our Crusade Director, Ev. Samuel, preached a red hot Gospel message that resulted in a wonderful response. I followed this up with my final message on the Holy Spirit before we prayed for the baptism. A fellow evangelist and dear friend of the ministry, Ev. Pierre Oosthuizen, also shared for a few minutes and encouraged the people. He did wonderfully. As the Spirit fell, a torrent of new tongues rose heavenward. Some shouted, some sobbed, some were completely overwhelmed. The pictures that follow say it all. Our God delights in equipping His people. Tonight, Hulene was equipped indeed!

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MAPUTO Gospel Crusade, FINAL DAY:

How sad we are to leave the wonderful people of Hulene, Maputo. And yet, we are rejoicing over the spectacular seven days spent with them! Tonight, I preached on the adulterous woman in John chapter 8. What a response followed. It was as if the Lord was seizing this final opportunity to draw every last soul He could into His arms. We not only prayed for the sick tonight but also a blessing over the people and their city. It was a special time. Testimonies followed. Artimiza (22) rejoiced over her newfound mobility. For the past four years, she had been unable to move her one arm and shoulder without intense pain. “I was not even able to wash my clothes,” she expressed. Carrying out her duties as a domestic worker and caring for her son was distressingly difficult. “During prayer, my arm became very hot,” she shared. “Now, the pain is gone!” Muito obrigado, Maputo. We love you and are missing you already.

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