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GABA, SOUTH AFRICA // 23 - 27 AUG 2017

GABA Gospel Crusade, DAY 1:

Our first service in Gaba, South Africa has come and gone and already we stand amazed at what our Jesus is accomplishing here. A remote village community, my plane trip was followed by a seven-hour drive to reach it. So many old people are surrendering all to Jesus. Having spent decades worshipping idols and ancestors, they are finally running into His embrace. Catherina (83 years old) accepted the Lord as Saviour tonight. “God is now my salvation,” she voiced with glee. Having struggled with eye and leg problems for four years, Catherina was also delighted that her newfound Saviour had healed her as well. “I could neither see properly nor walk properly,” she said. All that has now changed. Perfectly healed, this dear old lady goes home forever changed. Grace is likewise an elderly woman who received Jesus as Lord this very night. With her salvation, came her healing. Months of partial blindness and knee problems disappeared in a wave of Holy Spirit power. “My life has changed because Jesus has entered me,” she expressed. “I feel free. I am so happy!” Genson had broken his leg in an accident in 2012 and relied on crutches to walk. Following prayer, this precious gentleman can now walk unaided. The crowd rejoiced with him. Having shared his testimony, he returned to his place in the crowd, his crutches left forgotten by the stage. How fantastic! Meriam is 70 years old. “I have not been able to bend or walk properly for five years,” she explained. “I used to stay at home because of the pain. During prayer, I felt the power of God entering my waist and knees. Now, I can walk freely and bend properly. Jesus is alive!” Celebrate with us, dear friends and please pray for our time in Gaba. We have four more nights to go.

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GABA Gospel Crusade, DAY 2:

The people are so hungry here to encounter our wonderful Jesus. All advertising promoted that the sick will be prayed for and elderly Muditambi (she does not know her age except that she is old) attended this evening for precisely that reason. Her legs had been painful for many years, making walking extremely difficult. Pins and needles in her feet were also a constant torment. Jesus healed her completely and what was the result? She accepted Him as Lord! “I accepted Jesus as Saviour when I realised that He had healed me,” she explained. Elated, this precious grandmother bounced about on stage both saved and whole (see pic). “I feel free! I can even kick a ball. I want to fellowship with other Christians.” Hallelujah! Sara (49 years old) had been plagued by demonic activity for decades. “My stomach felt terrible, like there was a snake moving around in it. At night, I could not sleep.” She visited the local witchdoctor for treatment but nothing helped. Sara was desperate. Tonight, she both received Jesus as Lord and was delivered from that evil, serpentine torment. “My life has changed completely. I thank God for all He has done for me today!” We were honoured by the presence of the king and queen of Gaba this evening, together with some of their advisors. We were thrilled to witness both the queen and advisors coming forward publically to receive the Lord. This village is blessed indeed!

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GABA Gospel Crusade, DAY 3:

Jesus is on the go here in Gaba! I preached on Luke 15 tonight, sharing the stories that Jesus told about the lost sheep, coin and son. The response was fantastic. Young and old poured forward to say "Yes!" to the King of kings. We are rejoicing. I then shared a little on the Holy Spirit. I started doing this last night and will continue tomorrow before praying for the Holy Spirit baptism. There is great expectation. Miracles manifested as we prayed for the sick and demons left screaming and scrambling. A young girl who had suffered from a constant migraine headache since March this year was set completely free. “I could not think properly because of the pain,” she shared. When asked who healed her, she responded: "Dr Jesus!" A grandmother who was dismissed from her job due to leg and waist pains that left her incapacitated was likewise healed. She ran up and down in front of the stage several times before sharing the reason for her joy. "I did not want to come to the crusade because I was in so much pain," she shared, "but my grandchildren begged me saying, 'Come grandma, please come with us.'" Hallelujah! We have two more nights to go. Your prayers and support are working wonders. Thank you!

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GABA Gospel Crusade, DAY 4:

Tonight was extraordinary. Ev. Samuel Murrombe did a fantastic job preaching the Gospel message and I followed such up with a final teaching on the Holy Spirit baptism before we prayed for just that. The intensity of His presence was overwhelming. Men and woman were overcome, some falling to their knees before the stage, surrendering all to Him. Cries and sobs rose skyward, together with a torrent of new tongues. We worshipped and adored Him, heaven touching earth. Tshikaiaha (22 years old) received Jesus as her Saviour on Wednesday evening. Tonight, she was filled with the Holy Spirit, speaking in tongues for the first time. How marvellous! Born again for only a few days and already Spirit-filled. This is how it should be! Suzan (24) was likewise filled. She touched my heart as she testified, weeping with such genuine emotion. “I ignored the Holy Spirit until now,” she said. “Tonight, I could ignore Him no longer.” Multiple healing testimonies were also heard. Gloria (56) had suffered from a severe stomach ailment since 2013. “It felt like something was constantly cutting me up on the inside,” she explained. “I had no appetite because of the pain. The doctors at the hospital tried to help me but nothing worked.” Gloria shook under the presence of God as she shared her story, His power still at work in her body. “The pain is gone,” she exclaimed. “I am free. I feel like a new person!” We have had several evangelists joining us during this crusade and tonight I invited two to share on stage for a few minutes. They are brother and sister, Andy and Charmaine Mahlagaume from Accendo Ministries. They both were a tremendous blessing and we are excited for their futures. Tomorrow night, we conclude. Gaba is being forever changed!

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GABA Gospel Crusade, FINAL DAY:

Something has shifted here in Gaba. I can sense it strongly in my spirit. Tonight was phenomenal. I preached on John 3 and how one must be born again. We are still rejoicing over those who rushed forward, eager to belong to Jesus. I proclaimed blessing after blessing over the village before Ev. Samuel and I prayed for people left, right and centre. From the sick to volunteers and pastors, we laid hands most earnestly on those needing a touch from the Lord. The Spirit moved marvellously. What testimonies followed, the queue seemed never-ending. Stephenah (41 years old) had suffered from severe pains in her spinal cord following the birth of her one child. Such made working and sometimes even walking, extremely difficult. “During prayer, I felt a cold sensation entering my spine and flowing over it. I am free! The pain is gone!” Stephenah wept on stage, overjoyed. Rosina (53) had not been able to lift her right arm since 2001. In fact, that entire right side troubled her and made both walking and standing for long hours incredibly challenging. “Sometimes I would just collapse,” she said. The Lord touched her mightily tonight. She lifted her arm and stretched it skywards with glee, dancing on stage with strength and feeling. Ps. Masikhwa (56) had struggled from terrible cramps in his legs and hands for the past sixteen years. He shared how the Lord had touched him during the first service but he wanted to be sure that he was completely healed before testifying. Jubilant, he voiced that he has not felt any cramps since being prayed for on Wednesday night. How wonderful! I gave one of the other evangelists who has been attending our crusade a few minutes to share this evening, Ansche Engelbrecht of Timothy Ministries. She shared on the love of God and we were so blessed. We awarded certificates of appreciation to all the pastors who assisted us during the crusade planning process. It was a very special ceremony with many hugs and enthusiastic handshakes. Please keep them in your prayers. They will now start following up and discipling each new convert. Gaba, we love you and will miss you. Go for it in the name of our Jesus!

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