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DIRE DAWA Fire Conference, DAY 1:

We started building our relationship with the Evangelical Fellowship of Dire Dawa in August of last year, when we included their city among those we visited to distribute the Amharic version of my book on the Holy Spirit and evangelism: Spirit of Fire. Now, we are holding a four-day Fire Conference for the believers of this city, one with half a million inhabitants and less than 3% of these being born again. I kicked off tonight with a message on the burning bush in Exodus 3, conveying the terrific truth that the Lord would fill every child of God with His Spirit and use them with power. We will continue building layer upon layer over the next few days, teaching—among other things—on the Holy Spirit baptism and how to partner with Him for great and mighty works. The atmosphere in the room dripped with the presence of our God. I can feel His gaze upon us, urging us forward, bidding ever conference delegate to raise their hands heavenward and say, “Here I am, send me!” I know that the Lord will use this conference to raise up an army of fire-filled witnesses. Dire Dawa belongs to Jesus!

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DIRE DAWA Fire Conference, DAY 2:

Tonight we continued, building layer upon layer of teaching. Fire Conferences are very different to Gospel Crusades. The target market of the latter is the unbeliever while the former is geared towards the believer. The latter is designed to usher in one mighty, magnificent wave of salvation and deliverance that hits an entire town like a floodtide. The former is devised to equip every believer to usher in their own waves, day after day, as they go about their lives. We want to equip them to win their own communities for Jesus! Today, I taught on the partnership that exists between the believer and Holy Spirit. I explained that our responsibilities are twofold: We are to speak to people about Jesus and pray for people in the name of Jesus. When we do, the Spirit will set our words and prayers ablaze with all the power of heaven, piercing hearts and transforming lives. If we can do our part, He will most surely do His. The message was extremely well received. Tomorrow, we will meet with the local leaders in the morning and then continue with our Fire Conference in the evening. Thank you for your continued prayers!

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DIRE DAWA Fire Conference, DAY 3:

Today was fire-filled from beginning to end! This morning, we held a gathering for pastors, pouring into them through preaching and prayer. Hands were laid on all in attendance and the Lord moved mightily. We gave copies of the Amharic version of my book, “Spirit of Fire” to those leaders who had not received one from us during our Book Launch Tour last year. We then shared a delicious meal of goat and injera. Come evening, Ev. Samuel Murrombe, the International Crusade Director of In His Name Ministries, ministered with passion and power. He shared his testimony of going from imprisoned gangster to prison preacher—while still in prison!—as well as the necessity of sharing the Gospel with boldness. He built solidly upon the foundation that I have laid thus far and tomorrow, I will build still further, sharing one final teaching on the baptism of the Holy Spirit and the anointing of God before we pray for the fire to fall. Everyone is expectant. Soon, a battalion of believers will be released into Dire Dawa, equipped to witness with signs and wonders following. Hallelujah!

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DIRE DAWA Fire Conference, FINAL DAY:

This morning, our team divided and conquered, preaching in two different churches and giving those believers who have been unable to attend the Fire Conference a “crash course” in the Holy Spirit and evangelism. The hunger and receptiveness of the believers in this city is phenomenal. It is an absolute pleasure pouring into them all that the Lord has poured into us. This evening, I shared one final teaching before we prayed everyone in attendance. I dived into the wonders of the Holy Spirit baptism, explaining the miracle in depth, before moving on to the anointing and faith. Soon, the Holy Spirit took over entirely, Ev. Samuel, our team and I struggling to keep up with Him as we laid hands on the delegates. Men and women, young and old were filled with the Spirit and shaken up for great and mighty works. We prayed for boldness. We prayed for healing. We prayed for protection and provision. It was a red-hot time of impartation. How our hearts are rejoicing! Please join us in praying for the believers and pastors of Dire Dawa. This city belongs to Jesus and our prayers will undergird them as they preach the Gospel.

This week Thursday, we will start with another Fire Conference, this time in Harar, a city of around 200,000 people, situated 50km south-east of Dire Dawa. Only 6% of its population are born-again. Please pray for the final conference preparations. May this event birth an army of Spirit-filled believers who witness about our Jesus with fearless faith and prodigious power. Amen and amen!

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