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ADILO, ETHIOPIA // 10 – 13 DEC 2020

Adilo Gospel Crusade, Ethiopia DAY 1:

Our team is rejoicing! Already, thousands are encountering the Almighty God. Mighty miracles are manifesting and waves of salvation are sweeping across this small town. Early on in the preparations, a certain pastor experienced an open vision. He saw rain falling upon Adilo, washing away all sin. Then, he saw fire descending upon the town, burning up every work of the devil. With only one service behind us, this heaven-sent promise is quickly becoming a reality. I preached on Isaiah 61 and what our Jesus will do for anyone who calls upon His name. The response to the invitation for salvation was splendid. Together, we asked the Lord to wash us with His blood and make us children of God. Our ushers – looking smart in their In His Name bibs – distributed follow-up material and collected personal details and prayer requests. Thereafter, we prayed for the sick. What marvellous testimonies were heard! Almaz is a young lady of 20 years of age. For half her life, she had endured an unrelenting, stabbing pain in her stomach, day after day. Bending over in particular was excruciating. During prayer, that pain vanished entirely for the first time in a decade. Testifying on stage, her delight was evident. Almaz raised her hands, danced for joy and even broke out into song. The crowd sang along with her, celebrating the goodness of God. Shegitu is 26 years old. For eight long years, she had been suffering from diseases that impacted both her heart and eyes. Prayer resulted in her being liberated from both. “My heart and eyes were always so sore,” she expressed. “Now, I feel wonderful! I have hope for the future again. What God has done for me tonight is amazing!” Gudisa is a gentleman of 54 years of age. Having heard about the crusade, he attended with an urgent expectation to receive his healing from the Lord. For the past four years, he had been unable to walk, sit or raise himself up without the help of a walking stick. He had also been plagued by intense abdominal pains. “Now, I can do what I could not do before,” he voiced. “My life has changed. I am free!” He jived about on stage and kicked his legs, exiting the platform with his walking stick slung over one shoulder. Hallelujah! Tomorrow, we continue. Heartfelt thanks for standing with us in prayer as we labour in the harvest field. We love and appreciate you very much.

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Adilo Gospel Crusade, Ethiopia DAY 2:

Our crowd doubled in size tonight. Clearly, word is spreading that the Lord is working wonders! I ministered on Luke 15 this evening, telling the stories of the lost sheep, the lost coin and the wayward son. I explained how the Father has appointed Jesus to be the Great Shepherd and it is only He who can rescue us from the devil. If we choose to call on His name and repent of our sins, He will do just that, becoming our Saviour and Protector. What a response! We raised our hands to heaven and called on the Son of God together. It was splendid. Prayer for the sick was quickly followed by fantastic testimonies, including the two below. Mulusefa is 20 years old. Since childhood, he has struggled with throbbing, unyielding pains in his back and head. Living with this discomfort had become normal for him. “I would put on nice clothes and smile. I would act like I was fine, but I was not,” he shared. During prayer, the Lord worked a mighty miracle. Suddenly, Mulusefa went from being pain-filled to pain-free. Hallelujah! “I am so happy, I give thanks to my God!” he exclaimed. Rejatu is another young man, 21 years of age. He too came to the crusade with back pain but for a different reason. For the past several years, he had been collapsing for an undiagnosed cause. He had fallen badly and injured his back in the process. In addition to this, he struggled to breathe, his throat feeling incessantly tight. He also was tormented by severe anxiety. Tonight, the Lord did a mighty work in this young man. The back pain disappeared, his throat opened up and the anxiety vanished. How glorious! Bending and stretching on stage, Rejatu beamed with joy. Tomorrow, we will hold both a morning and evening service. In the evening, I will start teaching on the Holy Spirit, after the Gospel message. We want to ensure that the believers in Adilo are equipped and empowered to share about Jesus with signs and wonders following. Sincerest thanks for your continued prayers. Adilo is being bathed in the glory of God!

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Adilo Gospel Crusade, Ethiopia DAY 3:

We had yet another glorious day in Adilo, one filled with the power and presence of our Lord. Ev. Samuel ministered this morning to an eager crowd huddled under trees and umbrellas. Come evening, I preached two messages. The first was a red-hot Gospel sermon on the necessity of being born again. Thousands of voices called out in unison, asking God to work this mighty miracle by washing their spirits in the blood of the Lamb and rendering them brand new. It was a magnificent moment! Thereafter, I taught on the Holy Spirit baptism, laying a foundation for tomorrow night when I will present one final teaching and we will pray for every child of God to be filled with power from on High. Prayer for the sick was the final item on the crusade programme and such yielded some wonderful stories of healing, including those below. An elderly gentleman called Abraham had experienced a rapid decline in his health over the past five years. His hearing and eyesight had deteriorated rapidly. By the time of our crusade, he could barely hear or see. His shoulders were also tight and painful. During prayer, the Lord touched Abraham from head to toe, restoring his sight and hearing and also, vanquishing those shoulder pains. “It is miraculous! I feel so healthy!” he exclaimed, dancing for joy. Two 18-year-old ladies were healed of ailments, both having been plagued by them for the past two years. First, there was Selam. Her heart had ailed her terribly, paining constantly. In fact, during the crusade meeting, Selam had wanted to return home as the pain was so severe. Thankfully, she had stayed. “While the evangelist was praying, the pain suddenly stopped,” she explained. “Now, for the first time in two years, I feel free!” Fikil had been tormented by an unremitting stomachache. She had been unable to bend or jump due to the severity of the undiagnosed ailment. Tonight, Jesus touched her mightily, banishing all torment. Thrilled, she leaped with elation. Hallelujah! Tomorrow, we will hold a mass gathering in the morning with all the churches of Adilo. In the evening, we will congregate for our final crusade meeting. Your support, dear friend is tremendously appreciated. Together with you, the Gospel is being boldly proclaimed and the captives set free!

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Adilo Gospel Crusade, Ethiopia FINAL DAY:

Today was saturated with the power of the Almighty! We started the day with a mass service for all the involved churches. Naturally, everyone was most welcome, whether a churchgoer or not. I preached from Isaiah 55 and how Jesus bore our judgment upon the cross. Together, we called upon the Almighty and confessed our belief in His sacrifice. Prayer for the sick followed and then, a little afternoon break before our evening service commenced. Our crowd almost doubled once more and Ev. Samuel kicked things off with a fantastic Gospel message on how only Jesus can quench our spiritual thirst. The invitation for salvation was snapped up eagerly, thousands calling upon the name of the Lord. Thereafter, I gave one final teaching on the Holy Spirit before we prayed for all believers present to be saturated with Him. Men and women, young and old were mightily touched by the Almighty, being transformed into vessels for His glory. Hallelujah! We prayed over the prayer requests that the crowd had deposited into our prayer box over the past four days and then, we prayed for Ethiopia and the Southern Region to which Adilo belongs. It was a special and powerful time, petitioning the Lord of Hosts. Mighty miracles will result from these prayers, we can be certain! The miracles that resulted from prayer for the sick were superb. Be blessed by these few. Zemebech is 42. She had injured her spine ten years ago which resulted in a disc shifting out of place. The pain was intense and she could neither bend nor carry heavy objects. Prayer sorted that disc out and Zemebech is pain-free and mobile once more. “Thank you, Jesus!” she exclaimed. Amarech had also been rendered immobile but for a different reason. For the past year, this 40-year-old lady had experienced such severe abdominal pain that she battled even to walk. Her life had been reduced to a horrible ordeal. During prayer, the pain disappeared, leaving Amarech rejoicing. “It is amazing what God has done, I feel so well!” she voiced. Aman and Elias made quite the pair. Both older gentleman, Aman had been unable to bend his left arm for one year and Elias had been unable to bend his right leg for two years. Their ability to provide for their families and complete daily chores had been seriously frustrated. Tonight, Jesus liberated them both! They bent and flexed their limbs on stage with contagious enthusiasm, overwhelmed by the goodness of God. Muluken is a young man of 24 who had been unable to walk properly for the past three years due to a troublesome knee. A friend had encouraged him to attend the crusade, knowing that there would be prayer for healing. The only Christian in his family, our Jesus flooded that knee with His healing power and sent all pain and rigidity packing. Jubilant, Muluken jumped like a grasshopper, his faith strengthened in His Saviour King. Dear friend, our time in Adilo has drawn to an end. Please keep the new converts in your fervent prayers as well as the pastors who will be following them up. Also, pray for all the believers who have been filled with the Spirit that they may be used mightily by God. Heartfelt thanks again for your prayers and financial support. You have helped us mightily impact Adilo for Jesus!

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