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Our campaign in Alexandra, South Africa is off to a hell-plundering, heaven-populating and Jesus-glorifying start! This open-air crusade was held from 2-4 February and targeted the areas of Green House, Silver Town, Maponya Village and parts of Stjwetla, which lie in the north of the township. It was headed up by Ev. Jabulani Ndaba—founder of Christ Harvest—and his incredible team. In the build-up of this crusade, churches were ministered in, street evangelism conducted and believers equipped for evangelism.

Ev. Jabu has a powerful testimony of being saved in prison, having led a life of criminality and substance abuse. He preached the Gospel with crystal clarity night after night. On Friday, he shared his story and also, taught from Luke 7, diving into the tale of the sinful woman who poured perfume over the feet of Jesus and was forgiven all. On Saturday, he preached from Romans 6 and explained how while the wages of sin is death, the gift of God is eternal life for those who believe in Jesus! Come Sunday, Ev. Jabu explained that Jesus is our High Priest and the mediator between God and man. It is only by accepting Him as our Lord that we can be at peace with God. Night after night, each Gospel message was followed by an altar call for those who wished to place their trust in Jesus—and what a response was witnessed! Men and women, young and old poured forward to surrender to Christ the King. Their personal details were collected and follow-up material was distributed. They will now be contacted by the local pastors who will begin discipling them in the things of God.

Ev. Tamryn taught on the Holy Spirit baptism during the final service and how to cooperate with the Spirit, Him being our partner when witnessing to the lost and praying for the sick. Precious believers were filled from on High with the power of the Most High! May they go out and continue the work of this crusade, telling their neighbours about Jesus and praying for those in need.

In each service, hands were laid on the sick and those in need of deliverance. Broken bodies were healed, bondages broken and believers filled with the Spirit. Throughout the crusade, testimonies were heard of the goodness and greatness of God.

Mrs Mahomane is a new believer, having received the Lord as Saviour just last month. One of her children had passed away and she had used alcohol to numb the pain. Her life has already changed dramatically since accepting Jesus and starting to attend church, but this crusade elevated her walk with Him to the next level. “My body is still vibrating,” she testified. “I feel full of the Holy Spirit. God is alive! I was living in darkness for such a long time but now, I see only the light of God!” The Lord also healed her one knee, which had plagued her with horrible pains and made walking very difficult.

Itumeleng is 15 years old and received the Lord as Saviour during this crusade. His dominant right hand had been terribly sore and he had been using his left hand to write at school, which was naturally proving to be a fruitless task. After prayer, his hand is strong and pain-free once more and Itumeleng is thrilled. “I am so grateful for the love of Jesus!” he expressed.

Nomsa is 36 years old and mother of six children. She is unemployed and to make matters worse, both legs ached constantly and made getting around, looking after her little ones and pursuing employment, incredibly difficult. “I felt the power of God go through my body,” she expressed. “Now, all pain is gone and I feel wonderful! I thank God and I thank Him for this crusade.”

On the last night, the prayer requests that were submitted during the crusade period were prayed for and the nation of South Africa. The local councillor also attended the service. Everyone is excited for next weekend when the next crusade in our WOW ALEX campaign will take place, headed up by Evangelists Makwele Mangena and Khomotso Kgatla. All for His glory! Alex belongs to Jesus.



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