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WATERVAL Gospel Crusade, DAY 1:

We have kicked off here in Waterval, Mpumalanga and already, the devil is being kicked out! There is a great deal of witchcraft in the area and no crusade has even been held in Waterval. We love going to locations such as these. They are the forgotten places—forgotten by men but remembered and loved by Jesus! Tonight, hundreds flooded our beautifully flat and grassy ground. One of the local pastors used to pray on this field and many years ago, saw a vision of a crusade taking place on it. Now, that vision has become a reality. Hallelujah!

I preached from Isaiah 61 and explained that the Gospel is good news because it offers a solution to a problem. What is the problem? Sin. What is the solution? The blood of Jesus! The response was terrific with men and women, young and old poured forward to receive Jesus as their Lord and Saviour. Our ushers worked superbly to collect personal details and distribute follow-up material.

We prayed for the sick and cast demons out of those needing deliverance. A 59-year-old lady named Sarah was the very first person to run forward when the altar call was made for salvation. She accepted Jesus as her Lord and then came forward again to receive prayer for healing. She had been initiated as a witchdoctor more than ten years ago. At that time, she was ill—the reason for her capitulation into witchdoctory—but this did not result in her recovery as she had been promised by the one who initiated her. She actively practised as a witchdoctor but still remained unwell. Tonight, everything changed. Not only did Sarah become a child of God but her body was healed by her newfound Saviour. Her entire right side was in constant pain. Her right shoulder felt as if it was being stabbed with a knife and then that knife was being twisted. Her right leg was in such agony that she could not walk on it. Now, Sarah is free—free in body and free in spirit! She rejoiced on stage and cast aside those fetishes she had in her possession. She is no longer a witchdoctor on the path to destruction but she is a child of the Most High God, on her way to heaven!

Many other testimonies were heard that all proclaimed one, matchless message: Jesus saves, Jesus heals and we should not keep silent! Heartfelt thanks for your continued prayers and support. Waterval is being saved!

WATERVAL Gospel Crusade, DAY 2:

Crusades are like children. Some are more challenging than others but all are equally precious. A challenge has arisen here in Waterval in the form of a cold front, the weather having grown wet and windy. The people however are hungry for the things of God and still showing up in large numbers. The Lord was so good to us this evening and there was a long enough break in the rain for us to have an absolutely glorious service.

I brought two messages. First, I ministered from Luke 15. As a sheep is defenceless against a predator, so we are defenceless against the devil. But—and this is a big but!—God has appointed Jesus to be our Great Shepherd and the Rescuer of the sheep. Amen and amen! What a terrific response. Many streamed forward to call upon Jesus and ask Him to become their Shepherd. The pastors are thrilled and so is our team.

Thereafter, I started teaching on the Holy Spirit, sharing from Exodus 3 and how God wants to fill us with His Spirit and use us as His mouthpiece, just as He filled that little bush with His fire and used it for His glory. Tomorrow and Sunday, I will continue teaching on the Spirit and we will pray for the Holy Spirit baptism in our final service.

Prayer for the sick yielded mighty miracles. Elderly Johanna is a pensioner. For the past twenty years, she had relied heavily on a walking stick, so great were the pains in her legs. Her eyesight had also become exceedingly poor. “I felt electricity moving throughout my body,” she shared. Now, her legs and eyes are both issue-free. Joyously, she demonstrated how she used to walk, leaning on her stick, compared to how she can walk post-prayer, carrying that stick in the air. Johanna also received Jesus as her Lord and Saviour tonight. How fantastic!

Sani is 84 years old. One of her grandchildren told her about the crusade and she came because she was ill. For the past several months, she had been constantly exhausted and her body was stiff and racked with pains. “I was not able to do my everyday chores,” she shared. During prayer, her body started feeling lighter and lighter—until all pain and stiffness disappeared! Jesus did not only touch her body but also, her heart. Like Johanna, Sani also received the Lord as her Saviour. She is both whole in spirit and whole in body. How splendid!

Please pray fervently for the bad weather to bypass Waterval altogether. There is still much work to be done here. Heartfelt thanks for your love and support. We can feel your prayers undergirding us and we are exceedingly grateful. Waterval for Jesus!

WATERVAL Gospel Crusade, DAY 3:

The name “Waterval” means waterfall in Afrikaans—and today, the weather seemed eager to reflect the meaning of that name! It rained and it rained and it rained. Yet, the deluge did not discourage the people. We managed last-minute (with the kind assistance of one of the local pastors) to arrange a sizeable tent into which our crowd could squeeze. It was erected quickly (please forgive the lack of tautness, all you tent experts) and while I preached on the stage—which we had covered as well—the people sat snuggly beneath the canvas, the rain falling between us. It was a thrilling combination of an open-air and tent crusade that worked amazingly well. Hundreds were saved, mighty miracles manifested and the captives were set free.

Venia, a 44-year-old teacher, had suffered from terrible, cramping pains in her right leg every night for the past seven years. For the last two weeks, those pains had started manifesting during the daytime as well, completely disabling her. After prayer in our service yesterday, the pains stopped completely and have not returned. She slept peacefully last night for the first time since the pains began all those years ago. In addition, her ten-year-old son received the Lord as Saviour during our crusade. How glorious! Venia is very, very happy.

A 30-year-old woman named Lebogang had battled with speaking in her sleep for the past five years. She would be agitated and vocalise loudly in several different languages, disturbing her housemates and never feeling refreshed herself upon waking up. After prayer at our service yesterday, she slept peacefully—delighting both her housemates and herself!

Leah is 55 years old and last year October, she had a stroke that resulted in her being unable to utilise her left side. She could not lift her left arm or put weight on her left leg. After prayer, that side is now strong and wholly cooperative. Leah is ecstatic and I enjoyed getting a big hug from her as she finished sharing her story on stage.

Tomorrow morning, all involved churches have requested to close their doors and gather together on the field for a mass service. I have crusaded in South Africa for over ten years now and this does not happen. What a show of unity! We are very excited. Then, tomorrow night, we will hold our final service. Thank you for your continued prayers. Waterval is being saved—rain or no rain!


We had a glorious final day in Waterval! This morning, the churches who had taken hands with us, closed their doors and everyone gathered together on the crusade field. I taught on the Holy Spirit and we had a marvellous time together. This evening, we handed out Certificates of Appreciation to the pastors, together with copies of my “Spirit of Fire” book. Ev. Samuel Murrombe then shared his testimony and preached a red-hot Gospel message. After the altar call for salvation and a terrific response to it, I continued teaching on the Holy Spirit before we prayed for the fire to fall—and fall it did! Our tent was packed to capacity (shielding us from the cold weather and a constant drizzle) and an avalanche of the presence and power of God overwhelmed us all. Believers were filled with the Spirit, the sick were healed and bondages broken. What testimonies we heard! Be blessed by these few.

Sarah is a 53-year-old mother of one daughter, who is now 34 years old. Shortly after the birth of her child, a mass started growing in her breast. It continued to grow all these years and Sarah was soon going for surgery to have it removed. Extraordinarily, since she started attending our crusade on Thursday evening, that mass started to shrink. Tonight, during prayer for the Holy Spirit baptism, it disappeared completely. “I have experienced the power of God,” Sarah testified. “I feel so happy now!”

Peggy is 69 years old. After her mother passed away one year ago, she began struggling to breathe, her chest tight and painful. In one of our crusade services a few days ago, she received Jesus as her Saviour. Tonight, she received her healing! Her breathing is now easy and her chest feels open. Peggy is thrilled.

Since childhood, Madlozi had been beset by stomach issues. “It felt like there were worms constantly moving inside of me,” he shared. Madlozi is now 39 years old. Tonight, the power of God touched him and those strange sensations stopped completely. Overwhelmed by the goodness of God towards him, he received Jesus as his Saviour. “I feel so happy and excited,” he exclaimed, “I want to know God more.”

Linah has had issues with her hips for so many years, she cannot remember when the pains first started. “They troubled me every day and at night, I could not sleep because of them,” this 47-year-old mother of five shared. During prayer, she explained how she felt the fire of God moving down through her body and out her feet. As the fire left her feet, those pains left her body as well! “I feel strong and I am no longer in any pain,” she expressed. “I will live my life for God!”

We heard many, many stories of deliverances. Parents shared how their daughter had been liberated from severe demonic activity during our crusade. Young people shared how they had stopped having nightmares since attending and were now sleeping peacefully. Thank you, Jesus!

Dear friend, we are exceedingly grateful for your prayers and support. This community has been dynamically impacted. The lost have been saved, captives set free and believers set ablaze for evangelism. Rejoice together with us. Africa is being saved!



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