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Mphagani Gospel Crusade, Limpopo DAY 1:

We are off to a spectacular start. Mphagani falls within the Greater Giyani Municipality, an area of 4000 square kilometres. Its mayor, the honourable Agnes Shibambu, opened our crusade by warmly addressing the crowd and welcoming In His Name to the area. A born-again believer, she spoke about the raging crime levels and how only God can bring the peace so desperately needed. This is why we are here. We cannot have peace – either in this world or the one to come – without knowing the Prince of Peace, Jesus Christ our King! Mphagani is neighboured by eighteen different villages. All have been invited and it is plainly apparent that these villagers are heeding the call with great fervour. Even though a cold front is passing through the area with icy temperatures and winds, the people attended our first service in force, equipped with blankets and beanies. What a hunger for the Gospel! Our Lord rewarded their eagerness with an outpouring of redemption and deliverance. The invitation for salvation yielded a floodtide of new converts. Prayer for the sick and oppressed produced testimony after testimony. Mamayila is 72 years old and has suffered from such terrible leg and waist pains that she has not been able to walk freely for years. “It cost me my joy and brought so many limitations, this pain,” she expressed. “I could no longer attend church. I could not walk where I wished or do what I needed to do.” The Lord touched her tonight and this precious grandmother is pain-free. Hallelujah! Zitha could not move her right hand, the fingers frozen in position. Now, her hand functions perfectly. Lizah had been born without a sense of smell. This evening, that sense was restored. How excited she was! The weather is forecast to improve from tomorrow and we are anticipating a spectacular next four days. Please keep lifting Mphagani before the throne of our Father. We value your prayers.

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Mphagani Gospel Crusade, Limpopo, DAY 2:

I preached on the Samaritan woman tonight and how the gift of God is freely given by our Jesus to all who ask Him for it. Mphagani asked, precious men and women pouring forward to receive the priceless present of salvation. We are rejoicing! Hands were laid again on the sick, my team and I working hard to pray for all in need. Demons were cast out and the diseased liberated. What testimonies followed! Fridah is 37. She has suffered from relentless abdominal pains since 1999. They hindered her to such an extent that she became utterly depressed. “I was in such pain that I could not spend time even with my own family,” she shared. “During prayer, I was filled with such peace. I saw a vision of angels surrounding me. The pain vanished. Thank you, Jesus!” A precious teenage girl named Alicia received the Lord as Saviour and was also completely delivered from demonic activity. Since earlier this year, she had been struggling with headaches, dizziness and impaired hearing. Her stomach would swell to the extent that she looked pregnant. All this was caused by demons. “I have been suffering terribly,” she voiced. “I even thought of taking my own life. My school work suffered as well. I disrespected my teachers and parents.” Tonight, Jesus both saved and liberated her. “During prayer, I felt something moving in my belly. My head started spinning.” Falling to the ground, those foul spirits manifested. They were rebuked in the name of our Saviour King. “Now, I am free!” Alicia expressed, bubbling with happiness. “I feel so peaceful. I have joy in my heart. I want to thank God for everything.” Hallelujah! We are excited about the weekend of meetings that lie ahead. Thank you for your continued prayers!

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Mphagani Gospel Crusade, Limpopo, DAY 3

What a night! This evening we started with our double-sessions. First, I preached the Gospel. Thereafter, following the altar call for salvation and once the details of the new converts had been collected, I taught on the Holy Spirit. Then, we prayed for the sick. We will continue this pattern tomorrow and Sunday, praying for the Holy Spirit baptism during the last service. We want an army of red-hot, Spirit-filled, power-packed soul-winners to be raised up in Mphagani and its surrounding villages. South Africa must and shall be saved! The healing testimonies were glorious. Melita (52 years old) had broken her leg a few months ago at work and the limb refused to heal. She relied on a crutch to walk and was in severe pain. She gave her heart to Jesus tonight and the Lord healed her completely. “I just felt the pain going away,” Melita explained. “Then, I was suddenly able to walk without the crutch. I thank God! I can go back to work now and provide for my family. My life has completely changed. I am going to return the crutch to the hospital so others can use it who need it.” An elderly woman named Grace – she is so elderly that she has lost track of her own age – was also among those who received Jesus as Saviour. “I learnt that if I ask Jesus to save me, I will no longer be a slave of Satan but a child of God,” she voiced. Thrilled over her newfound salvation, she came forward for prayer for healing. She had twisted her hip badly two years ago. “I used to be a hard-working woman but my hip stopped me from being that way,” she shared. The Lord touched her mightily. The pain is no more. Grace is free, both in spirit and body! “I am going back to ploughing and working the land. I thank God for everything.” This is our Jesus, so eager to pour Himself out on those who call on His name. Hallelujah! Mphagani is being saved.

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Mphagani Gospel Crusade, Limpopo, DAY 4

Miracles are popping up like popcorn! Miracles of salvation, healing and deliverance. I preached on the sickness of sin and how Dr Jesus is the only one who can heal our spirits from that torment and save us from eternity in hell. My text was the story of the sick man by the Pool of Bethesda (John 5). I took the opportunity of speaking against certain witchcraft-like beliefs that have crept into some African churches that attach power to water, oil and other stuffs. I emphasised that we must look to Jesus and Him alone. The altar call for salvation was glorious. Following the collection of new convert details, I taught again on the Holy Spirit before we prayed for the sick. Miracle story followed miracle story, young and old stretching and jiving on stage, showing off their God-given freedom. Among them was Malatjie, a 43-year-old mother of four. Each birth was difficult and required surgical intervention. Since she delivered her first child in the year 2000, her body was in constant pain, limiting her physical activity. Malatjie received Jesus as Saviour tonight and then, her newfound Lord worked another miracle in her life – the total healing of her body! “I felt the pain disappearing, I felt the power of God,” she said. “I am healed!” Our team helped her remove the fetishes she wore (see pic of beads). “I no longer want to worship the ancestors. I am following Jesus!” Sarah is a 75-year-old grandmother. Her eyesight has been poor for so many years that she cannot remember when it deteriorated. She had to stop working because of her loss of vision. She received Jesus as Lord tonight and then, He restored her sight as well. Sarah is thrilled. “I will worship and serve God always,” she professed. “I feel so good!” Moses is 21. He had been suffering from depression since 2017. “I accepted Jesus as my Saviour tonight,” he shared. “I felt the depression leaving me. I have so much peace now.” How glorious! We have one more service ahead of us during which we will pray for the baptism of the Holy Spirit. Please keep us in your prayers. Mphagani is being mightily impacted by our Redeeming King!

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Mphagani Gospel Crusade, Limpopo, FINAL DAY

Tonight was a night of fire. Our beloved Crusade Director, Ev. Samuel Murrombe preached a crystal-clear Gospel message that resulted in a mighty salvation altar call. I followed hot on his heels with my final teaching on the Holy Spirit before we prayed for all to receive that glorious infilling. How marvellously our Jesus baptised His children in His Spirit! It was spectacular to behold. An army of soul-winners has been born, ready to continue the work started by In His Name in Mphagani and its sister villages. We declared the blessing of the Lord over the people and prayed for the sick. What fantastic testimonies were heard. Clody is a 48-year-old grandmother. Since 2011, her ears and eyes had itched constantly. Her legs were also incredibly painful. The pain and discomfort frustrated her terribly and limited her activities on a daily basis. Yesterday, Clody received Jesus as Saviour. When she woke up this morning, the itchiness and pain had completely disappeared. Hallelujah! But, her blessings did not end there. Tonight, this precious woman was filled with the Spirit. How glorious! What a transformative two days. Jubilant, Clody is certain of one thing: “My life now belongs to Jesus!” Khubani is an elderly pensioner. She accepted Jesus as her Lord tonight. Arthritis had plagued her since 2008, forcing her retirement. Khubani explained how she started shaking as we prayed and as she shook, the pain disappeared. “I am going to go to church and praise God. He has set me free!” The pastors are overjoyed. We enjoyed a wonderful meal with them this afternoon and this evening, awarded them with Certificates of Appreciation on stage. Their fraternal chairlady shared with me how the unity of the churches has drastically improved due to this crusade. They are already discussing how to combine forces for future evangelistic efforts. They keep thanking us for preaching the “old-fashioned” Gospel: one of sin separating us from God and the power of the blood of Christ to wash that sin away. This is the only Gospel, the true Gospel. This is the Gospel that breaks every chain! Heartfelt thanks for your prayers and support. Together with you, another African community has been swept into His arms.

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