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Madabani Gospel Crusade, Limpopo DAY 1:

We are off to a fantastic start here in the village of Madabani. Our team has been travailing over the past weeks not only promoting the crusade but evangelising on the streets and in the schools. Already, thousands have been saved. Tonight, this wave of salvation continued. I preached on the blood of Jesus being sin-destroying, heart-healing and life-fixing, according to Isaiah 61. The response was glorious and young and old asked the Lord with ardent sincerity to apply that precious blood to their souls. Their details were collected by our ushers and each will be followed up by a local pastor. Prayer for those who came ill or in need of deliverance yielded spectacular results. In these rural village communities, the attendance is more manageable, allowing us to lay on hands when praying. The demonic manifestations were many, precious people being set free left, right and centre. What testimonies were heard. A grandmother named Soffy shared how three years ago, she had suffered a stroke. Her face became twisted as a result, her one eye no longer able to see, her mouth able to speak only with extreme difficulty. Her entire body was in pain and any movement was horribly challenging. “My body was dead,” she voiced. Tonight, the Lord worked wonders! Not only did Soffy accept Jesus as Saviour but she also received her healing. How she danced and bobbed about on stage, absolutely elated. Hallelujah! Another elderly lady, Alidzuli was likewise ecstatic, her short-sightedness being replaced by perfect vision and her burning chest vanishing beneath an onslaught of Holy Spirit power. Heartfelt thanks for your prayers, dear friend. Madabani is coming face to face with the Almighty Lord!

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Madabani Gospel Crusade, Limpopo, DAY 2:

The Lord is at work here and we are rejoicing! I preached on the Samaritan woman and the response to the altar call for people to receive the “gift of God” as so described in that story was eager and heartfelt. This is the miracle that surpasses them all, souls being catapulted from darkness to light! Prayer for the sick was a chaotic affair. Demons skedaddled and sicknesses vacated at the declaration of His matchless name. The mother of the chief of Sinthumule, one of the neighbouring villages, experienced a mighty miracle. Since 1985, she has been unable to bend without severe pain. She relied on a domestic worker to help with the grandchildren because of how terribly the pain limited her activities. Tonight, three decades of suffering came to an end. “After prayer, when the evangelist asked us to test our bodies, I realised that God had healed me completely,” she shared, jubilant (see pic). “I feel so great, I am so grateful!” A gentleman named Isau received Jesus as Saviour. For the past year, tuberculosis has attacked his body. During prayer, all symptoms disappeared. “I am so happy!” he said. “And now, I have Jesus in my life. I am going to stop drinking. My life is going to change.” Hallelujah! A weekend of meetings still lies ahead of us. Thank you very much for your faithful prayer support. Madabani is being forever changed!

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Madabani Gospel Crusade, Limpopo, DAY 3:

We are deep in the bush here. Witchcraft is rampant with a “village of witches” just a few kilometres from the crusade ground. What an area in which to preach the Gospel! I feel like we are rattling the gates of hell, demanding the souls of those Jesus died to save. Tonight, I preached two messages. First, a salvation message on Luke 15, breaking down the stories of the lost sheep, coin and son. The response was glorious with many pouring forward to become children of God. Then, I preached on the Holy Spirit, starting to build layer upon layer, preparing the hearts of the people for Sunday night when we will pray for the Holy Spirit baptism. The testimonies we heard were numerous and powerful. Steven was in an accident in 1980 and injured his legs badly, breaking one of them. He never fully recovered. “I couldn’t enjoy life,” he explained. “It took me a long time to walk even short distances. I was in constant pain.” During prayer, the Holy Spirit touched him mightily. Now, Steven is a new man. His legs are fully functional and pain-free. Hallelujah! Gloria had suffered from chest tightness since 1989. She had difficulty breathing and relied on a medicated spray. “During prayer, I felt something pushing up from the inside of me and then suddenly, I could breathe easily. I am free. My life has completely changed. I thank God for this crusade!”Marandela is an 85-year-old grandmother of twelve. Tonight, she received the Lord as Saviour. “I loved the part of the sermon when the evangelist spoke about me being valued by God like a lost coin,” she shared. Jesus did not only save her tonight but healed her as well. For more than twenty years, Marandela had suffered from intense hip pains that would shoot down her one leg. During prayer, those pains disappeared completely, leaving this dear lady bubbling for joy. Two more services lie ahead of us. What a weekend it is going to be!

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Madabani Gospel Crusade, Limpopo, Day 4:

Heaven is touching earth in this place. There are no other words that better describe what is happening here! The testimonies that followed the preaching of the Gospel and prayer for the sick were phenomenal. Mukhethwa is a 26-year-old mother of two. Since 2015, a sharp pain in her left side had been her constant torment. “It felt like a knife twisting,” she explained. “My life was so challenging because of it. I even had trouble breathing. The doctors could not tell me what was wrong.” During prayer, this precious young woman explained how she felt the pain move from her side to her throat, a choking sensation overwhelming her. Then, suddenly, it vanished. “I am free! The pain is gone! I can breathe easily!” Mukhethwa also accepted Jesus as her Saviour. I had preached from Luke 18 on the arrogant Pharisee versus the repentant tax collector. “My life has totally changed!” she expressed, bursting with joy. Another lady, Beauty also received the Lord as Saviour. “I heard about the things that are happening in this place so I decided to come,” she said. “I have been in three car accidents over the past 25 years. I have had multiple operations and struggled with pains in my body, limited movement and dizziness. Tonight, I felt like something was taken out of me. I vomited and now, the dizziness is gone, my body feels perfectly normal. What I have found at this crusade is a rare and precious thing. God has done a miracle in my life!” An elderly woman, Flora had been involved in a single car accident seven years ago that resulted in her one leg being so swollen and painful from hip to toe that she could not walk without a crutch. Tonight, she tossed that crutch aside and shared with great joy her newfound liberty. The crowd celebrated with her. Dear friend, we have one more service to go. This little Africa village community is being shaken by the power of God and your prayers and support are working wonders. Hallelujah!

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Madabani Gospel Crusade, Limpopo, Final Day:

Tonight was a night of fire, both soul-saving and spirit-filling! Our beloved Crusade Director, Ev. Samuel Murrombe did a marvellous job preaching a red-hot Gospel message and the response to the altar call for salvation was fantastic. Following such, we burned the items of witchcraft that new converts had brought forward throughout the crusade period. There was great rejoicing! Then, I preached a final message on the Holy Spirit before we prayed for the baptism. What an outpouring of His power and presence took place. New tongues rose heavenward. Demons manifested. Miracles broke out. Crutches were lifted. A walker was raised. It was spectacular! Not only was an army of power-packed soul-winners born but a torrent of testimonies was heard. Tshinakaho is 78 years old. Six years ago, she fractured her leg in a car accident. That fracture refused to heal and she became completely reliant upon a crutch. During the prayer for the baptism, she felt the Holy Spirit moving throughout her body and suddenly, all pain disappeared and full mobility returned. “I am healed! I thank God!” she voiced with glee. Lawrence had been stabbed in the back a few months ago and the attack injured his spinal cord. He relied on a walker to move about. Tonight, he not only received Jesus as Saviour but the Lord touched his body. “My body feels lighter. My body feels free. I can walk properly again, I no longer need my walker!” were his words. Another woman had been in an accident at work several years ago and her back was badly injured by a falling load. Reliant on a crutch, she is reliant no more. A gentleman had suffered a stroke in 2015 and also depended on a crutch. His too, was cast aside. What a mighty God we serve! A pile of walking aides quickly collected. You, dear friend, have made this crusade possible. In His matchless name, Madabani has been forever changed!

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