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Gambela Gospel Crusade, DAY 1:

We are off to a fantastic start here in Gambela! Torrents of rain flooded the town from early afternoon to early evening, our intercessors in high gear praying for such to cease. Wonderfully, it did and thousands still congregated despite the very late start of the meeting. I preached the Gospel with all my heart and the response must have left heaven in the most joyous uproar. The details of the new converts were collected by our eager team of ushers, looking very smart in their “Ethiopia for Jesus” t-shirts and In His Name caps. Prayer for the sick quickly followed, hundreds indicting a massive change in their body following such prayer. We had time for one quick testimony and 60-year-old Agude beat everyone else to the stage in her enthusiasm to share what had just happened to her. For the past six years, this elderly lady had been plagued by back pains so terrible that she was unable to bend and knee problems so severe that she walked with great difficulty. Tonight, all that changed. With no more pains in her body, Agude bounced about with glee praising the Lord. How splendid! Do continue praying for us, dear friends, that the weather would remain fine and Gambela would continue responding to Jesus. Our Lord is at work and we are so grateful.

Gambela Gospel Crusade, DAY 2:

Your prayers have worked wonders, dearest friends! The rain is no more and the sun is shining. Our crowd exploded in size, men and women flocking to the stadium from every corner of Gambela. This weekend promises to be spectacular. I ministered on Isaiah 61 tonight and we all called on the precious name of Jesus together, bidding Him save us as that chapter so gloriously promises. Prayer for the sick resulted in a stream of testimonies. Thana (38) had suffered for the past year from such serious kidney problems that she needed to go for an operation. She was in constant pain. “God told me He would heal me at this crusade,” she shared. Thana attended our service this evening, fully expectant. Our Jesus did not disappoint and worked a mighty miracle. She wept and ululated on stage, all pain having ceased, her body completely whole. Omot (35) had been plagued by a severe headache for years. “My head felt like it was on fire,” he shared. “Now, I feel such a coolness, like rivers of water have washed over me.” Azarias (26) is a student. He not only accepted Jesus as Lord tonight but was healed from two years of debilitating back pain. He stretched with great enthusiasm and demonstrated his newfound mobility. Healed and saved, he professed, “I feel free from the bondage of sin. I am now a child of God!”

Gambela Gospel Crusade, DAY 3:

We are witnessing great and glorious works here in Gambela. Our Jesus is moving mightily and we are running to keep up. I preached on the Samaritan woman tonight in John chapter 4. Thousands responded and received the gift of eternal life. Hallelujah! I ministered thereafter briefly on the Holy Spirit as I did last night, preparing the people for when we will pray for the baptism tomorrow evening. The sick were healed in great numbers. One young man tried to commit suicide six years ago, jumping from a bridge here in Gambela. He broke his leg as a result and such never healed properly, making walking extremely difficult. The suicidal thoughts continued. Tonight, he testified with great joy. Not only is his leg perfectly healed but his heart overflows with supernatural peace. This is so wonderful! Another gentleman testified as to how he had struggled with severe asthma since childhood. “During prayer, I felt something coming out of my nose,” he said, trying to explain the experience. “I can breathe easily now, my chest is open, I am free!” A young lady had not been able to hear out of her right ear since childhood. She is healed as well, that ear having popped open. A certain woman ran on stage and prostrated herself before the Lord, completely overwhelmed. Once she had regained enough composure to share her story, she rattled off a series of ailments that had plagued her heart, back, joints and stomach. All she could do was celebrate and we celebrated with her. Tomorrow morning, the involved churches will hold a combined service together at which I will minister. In the evening, we conclude. Surely, Gambela is being forever changed!

Gambela Gospel Crusade, DAY 4:

Today was glorious from beginning to end! This morning, a combined service was held with all the involved churches at which I ministered. I preached on Isaiah 55 and a flood of salvation followed. This evening, Ev. Samuel Murrombe preached the Gospel and did a fantastic job. I followed up with a final message on the Holy Spirit and we prayed for the baptism. The fire fell with phenomenal results. Thousands were filled from on high, torrents of tongues rising to heaven. What joy filled the crowd thereafter! They jumped and sung with such enthusiasm that even upon leaving the stadium, they continued celebrating. Roads were jammed-packed with newly Spirit-filled men and women, glorifying the Lord. It was quite a sight to see and resulted in a bit of a traffic flow problem! It looked as if the whole of Gambela was rejoicing, so many packed the streets, dancing, leaping and praising God. The pastors are ecstatic. They will now begin following up each and every precious new convert. Surely, this Ethiopian town has been forever changed. The lost have been saved, the sick healed, those in bondage delivered and believers set ablaze with the fire of God. We depart tired yet thrilled. Our hearts are full. Gambela for Jesus!



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